faqraisinghandsHow does International Employment Experts make obtaining a visa easier and more affordable for businesses?

We provide U.S. companies a cost-effective avenue for hiring and retaining international STEM graduates and professionals. Our all-inclusive payroll service allows companies to avoid costly hourly attorney fees, government filing fees and the administrative costs associated with visa processing. As the Employer of Record, International Employment Experts insulates companies from the risk of hiring and employing international talent by assuming all responsibility for immigration compliance. We sponsor all necessary visas, conduct required advertising and ensure payment of all prevailing wages. By placing international talent on our payroll, the immigration process can be conducted efficiently without any involvement of your own internal resources.

What does the cost structure look like when International Employment Experts works with companies? What are the charges?

Our payroll service includes all costs of visa processing. We charge a 25-30% markup — depending on individual state employment regulations and state tax requirements — above the employee wage to cover our costs. This includes our payment of all payroll taxes (workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, etc.,) the cost of employee benefits, visa processing costs, and all other employer-related costs. We pay bi-weekly and provide an excellent benefits package to the individuals you choose to employ through our service.

How does using International Employment Experts’ payroll service insulate companies from liability?

We are the petitioning employer, so you don’t have to be. As the employer of record we assume the legal liability and upfront costs for visa sponsorship, provide guidance to the international employee throughout the immigration process, and ensure compliance with all immigration and labor regulations. We are not just advisors throughout the process—we take care of the entire process for you.

What kinds of placement services are available?

 We provide three kinds of professional placement services, to supplement your team: contract, direct hire, and contract-to-hire. Our dedicated recruiting team eases the process of screening applicants and meeting your talent needs.

Our other PEO services include benefits administration, employment administration, productivity improvement, and employer liability management. You can rely on us to handle everything from workers compensation, drug testing, and EEOC compliance, to performance management, employment verification, and payroll services.

You can reach us at 425.452.0264 or Toll-Free at 877.235.8808. Email us at info@internationalexperts.com.