Say 'Yes' to the Foreign Address

If you are a recruiter, you know that the marketplace for skilled talent is becoming more competitive. It doesn’t matter if you work in a major city, or recruit for a smaller business.  The talent war is on in tech. People who have professional experience, training and skills are highly sought- after everywhere in the US.

Search the world for your next best employee. We'll remove the immigration risk.
Gain a competitive edge, and search the world for your next best employee.

Networking events, social media, the internet, and professional relationships enable active, and passive job seekers, to discover employment opportunities and research prospective companies. Organizations, in return, utilize the same tools to connect with talent.

Finding the best-fit talent for your company, both in culture and in skill-set, can be exhausting. Sometimes the candidates you want just aren’t responding.  Or worse, after a few rounds of interviews, he or she is hired by a competitor.

We Make Hiring Hassle-Free

The U.S. will be dependent on foreign workers to fill future STEM jobs, according to analysis of the third annual U.S. News/Raytheon STEM Index, from

International Employment Experts’ team can easily move your talent search beyond US borders. We have a global recruiting network of STEM talent extending to more than 50 countries, with a database of over 1.5 million up-to-date resumes. In the last 20 years, our company has brought in over 7,000 engineers to the U.S. In fact, our accelerated Green Card program for employers is on average completed within 15 months.

Our payroll service includes all costs of visa processing. We charge a 25-30% markup — depending on individual state employment regulations and state tax requirements — above the employee wage to cover our costs. This includes our payment of all payroll taxes (workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, etc.,) the cost of employee benefits, visa processing costs, and all other employer-related costs. We pay bi-weekly and provide an excellent benefits package to the individuals you choose to employ through our service.

We offer three placement programs for growing businesses: a Graduate package, a Starter package and our Premium package.  Your business receives the flexibility to quickly, and affordably, make staffing changes.

It’s As Easy As…

1. Select 

Choose a short or longer term package plan. We’ll find talent with the matching skills and experience. You review the candidates, and conduct your normal selection process.

2. Communicate

You tell us the parameters of your offer so we can finalize a payroll agreement with your company. We’ll communicate with the individual you’ve selected to start the onboarding process.

3. Relax

We become the employer of record. You won’t need to worry about employment hassles such as 1-9 verification, benefits enrollment, or undertaking required background checks. If needed, we’ll immediately start the process for all required immigration visas, OPT extensions, and H1-B costs if applicable to your package plan.

We believe talent has no borders. For more information, speak with an expert. Call Angela at 425-452-0264 or email us at